Professional Sealcoating Services in Elmhurst

Firemen Sealcoating provides commercial & residential sealcoating services to all of Elmhurst.

With a population of just under 50,000, Elmhurst has a lot of traffic. Whether you have a busy driveway at home or a heavily trafficked parking lot on your property, sealcoating can help save you headaches and money.

Our sealcoating, restriping, & repair services will help turn any driveway, parking lot, or drive into a good-looking, durable surface that drivers will feel safe to take their vehicles on.

Firemen Sealcoating is fully licensed and insured and we always guarantee our work!

Elmhurst Sealcoating

Any drive, driveway, or parking lot has wear and tear from residents, employees, clients, service members, and others, regardless of location. Regular sealcoating helps safeguard and maintain your property from further wear, tear, and potential damage.

Clients who regularly use our professional sealcoating services benefit from functionality and appeal. Regular sealcoating of your asphalt provides a layer of defense against damaging weather like hail, sleet, UV rays, snow, and more. Additionally, our sealcoating helps shield your asphalt from the strain of regular traffic.

The Best Sealcoating, No Exceptions

We only use the highest quality commercial-grade coal tar and asphalt emulsion sealers. Both are water-based sealers that protect and extend the life of your asphalt. All materials are applied by brush and squeegee which allows the crew to control the application and get up to the edge of the asphalt. No cutting corners. No exceptions.

Elmhurst Commercial Sealcoating Services

  • Parking Lot sealcoating, restriping, & repairs
  • Driveways & Drives sealcoating
  • Bank sealcoating, restriping, & repairs
  • Golf Course sealcoating, restriping, & repairs
  • Industrial sealcoating, restriping, & repairs
  • Warehouse sealcoating, restriping, & repairs

Elmhurst Residential Sealcoating Services

  • Driveway sealcoating
  • Church sealcoating, restriping, & repairs
  • School sealcoating, restriping, & repairs

Schedule Sealcoating in Elmhurst Today

Schedule a sealcoating appointment with our team today and avoid any potential disasters before they even have a chance to show up. We will work with you to schedule any sealcoating services at the best possible time.

All sealcoating services are scheduled & double-checked with our clients before the job begins. The experience of our team lets us give extremely accurate estimates on job times and drying times. Don’t worry about leaving/getting home for work (or even extended trips). Our team will get you set up with everything you need for a smooth transition.